Friday, May 25, 2012

Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist

As part of my first ever VoxBox, a box full of products I received complimentary for the purposes of testing and review from Influenster, I received a full-sized Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist in Sweet Pea.  I was SO excited to try it.  I have purchased B&BW Fine Fragrance Mists in the past but never in this particular scent.  Before I get into the review, here is a photo of the bottle I received followed by some information about the product from Influenster:
14 oz Sweet Pea Fine Fragrance Mist

Bath and Body Works Fragrance Mist

NEW Fine Fragrance Mist Collection!

Fine fragrance in a mist as light as air. Discover a better, more delicate fragrance experience in over 20 Signature fragrances. It’s love at first mist! Exclusively at Bath & Body Works.

The Fine Fragrance Mist Collection:        
-          Be Enchanted™
-          White Citrus
-          Cherry Blossom
-          Coconut Lime Breeze
-          Into The Wild™
-          Dark Kiss™
-          Black Amethyst™
-          Sensual Amber™
-          Midnight Pomegranate®
-          Carried Away™
-          Forever Sunshine™
-          Secret Wonderland™
-          Black Raspberry Vanilla
-          Pink Chiffon
-          Paris Amour
-          Twilight Woods™
-          Sweet Pea®
-          Moonlight Path®
-          Japanese Cherry Blossom
-          Country Chic™
-          Warm Vanilla Sugar®
-          Sea Island Cotton®

Where to Buy:

You can find Bath and Body Works products at a registered retail store near you!
Suggest retail price of the Fine Fragrance Mists:  $14.00

As I said, I received the Sweet Pea scent.  I generally avoid anything remotely "floral-sounding" as those types of scents often bother my allergies.  I tend to stick with what I call "fruity" or "foodie" scents.  (I love scents like strawberry, pear, vanilla, chocolate, etc.).  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Sweet Pea didn't bother my allergies at all and actually had fruity notes.  Bath & Body Works describes this scent by saying, "Master perfumers have blended sweet pea petals and watery pear with freesia, fresh raspberry, and soft delicate musk."  It is also one of their "Top Fragrances" and I can see why.  I love it and know I will wear it often.  The ONLY drawback to it, that I can think of, is that, for me, the fragrance was not terribly long-lasting.  However, for the price, I don't think it's wasteful to spray it on liberally and often and that is definitely what I will do.

For more information about this and other Bath & Body Works products, please click HERE to visit their website.

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JinJit said...

hmm... now I will have to find a store that ships this internationally.
i usually always avoid the floral scents too so you really got me curios!