Tuesday, December 1, 2015

411 on Holiday Revo Lip Balm!

Hello, friends! I have what I think is some hot scoop on holiday Revos. If you're anything like me, you are OBSESSED with these little spheres of joy. Well, I am happy to reveal that today, at my local Stop and Shop grocery store, I spotted a display full of three Revo holiday scents. They have Candy Cane, Chocolate Mint and Sugar Cookie. Now, you might be thinking "Kari, these are not new scents" and you would be correct. However, to the best of my knowledge, they were previously only available at Walgreens as part of limited edition collections. I happened to have Chocolate Mint from Halloween 2014 and Sugar Cookie from Holiday 2014 but I had never seen Candy Cane until today. Needless to say, I grabbed it right up. Even cooler, they were on sale at 2 for $5.00, down from their usual price of $2.99 each. (Even cooler still, you can buy one item from a "2 for" sale at Stop and Shop and it will still be the sale price. Just make sure you sign up for their free discount card.)
Here's my beautiful new Candy Cane!
Don't be fooled by the CareOne name. This is, in fact, an authentic Revo. They market under several store-branded names such as Well at Walgreens and Beauty 360 at CVS.

This is a great opportunity to add three hard to find scents to your collection or to stock up on backups if that's your thing. 

*This product was purchased by me with my own money.