Monday, April 11, 2016

More FingerPaints Pretties for Spring 2016


Hi, friends! Today I have some more gorgeous polishes to show you courtesy of FingerPaints. They are part of their Hard as Steel line and they have definitely got some staying power. Take a peek!
 From thumb to pinky, two coats each of I Have the Painters Hues, Lavender Brushstrokes, A P-Ink Mess, Shut the Front Salvador and Ink You Cute! (How fun are these names?)

 On all but ring finger, two coats of Stop! Impasto! and on accent nail, two coats of My Best Self-Portrait

Two coats of Peek-a-Hue (For some reason, this is reading very orange on film. It is actually much more of a red-orange.)

I actually really love the Hard as Steel formula from FingerPaints. They last a long time and with the exception of Ink You Cute!, which was rather sheer, they are nicely opaque in two coats. Stop! Impasto! and My Best Self-Portrait have a nice subtle shimmer and the rest are true creamy goodness.

Overall, the only one I wasn't thrilled with was Ink You Cute! due to the sheerness. My fave is My Best Self-Portrait as I can't think of a similar shade in my collection.

*The products reviewed in this post were provided for my honest review and consideration. As always, all opinions expressed are unbiased and completely my own.*

P.S. I now have a YouTube channel! If you wish, I'd love for you to check it out! I'm still brand-new at this but so far, I'm having a blast!