Wednesday, April 5, 2017

So Long, Farewell...

Hi, friends! Just wanted to pass on a VERY important announcement. As of today, April 5, 2017, I will no longer be posting to this blog and will be posting EXCLUSIVELY at my other blog, PerseveringStar which you can find and follow HERE. I spent over 24 hours trying to merge the two blogs according to the little bit of information I could find on Google Blogger to no avail. It did literally NOTHING. So, alas, this blog will remain for archival purposes but again, there will be NO further posting on this blog, only on the other, which I hope you will follow/subscribe to/whatever the terminology is for this type of social media (who can keep track?) Thank you for your loyal support and friendship over the years. It's just too complicated trying to maintain two blogs and since I am streamlining into the PerseveringStar "brand" (for lack of a better word), that blog will prevail.

Please check out the other blog! It has tons of poetry and "stuff" about my personal life and will also be where I post my beauty reviews from now on, along with on my YouTube channel, also conveniently called PerseveringStar and available to subscribe to HERE.

Much love,