Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lip Balm/Gloss Reviews...Yay or Nay?

Hi friends! You may not yet know this about me but I am a lip balm JUNKIE/HOARDER. Yup, obsessed. I try to keep my stash current on this page (click on the "My Stash" tab) but I haven't done many reviews on them yet. Is this something you guys would be interested in? Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sally Hansen Vandal Eyes and Rainbow Fish


Today I have a couple of Sally Hansen polishes to share with you. One is from their Insta-Dri line and is called Vandal Eyes. The second is from a new-ish line, Pearl Crush, and it is called Rainbow Fish. Here are some pics:
Sally Hansen Vandal Eyes - two coats
Same as above with the addition of one coat of Sally Hansen Rainbow Fish on ring finger

Let's cut to the chase. I am not a fan of chunky glitters. I rarely have much success in applying them, even when I resort to dabbing on pieces one at a time with a toothpick. Rainbow Fish was no exception. I wanted to love it. Iridescent pearly pastel glitter sounds like a dream. Alas, even with my best efforts I could only get those two measly pieces to stick and they don't really "sing" to me. Super-bummer. However, despite the fact that Vandal Eyes was still a bit patchy after two coats, it is sky blue and lovely and I'm willing to work with that. Therefore, a mixed bag with this duo. But hey, 50% success is better than a total fail, right?

*The polishes used in this post were provided for my honest review and consideration. As always, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

SinfulColors Summer Beauties


Today I'd like to share some beautiful SinfulColors polishes with you. I'll start with pics and then go through the colors.
From thumb to pinky: Cherry Blossom, Sky Tree, Hot Spot, Blue By You, Keira Blu (two coats each)

Same colors as above topped with, from thumb to pinky: Fierce Fiesta, Color Tag, Star Blast Off, Baila Baila and Fierce Fiesta

I was pretty impressed with each of the solid colors. They were a bit sheer, some more than others, but the lack of opacity really didn't bother me much, especially once I added the toppers. If I was to wear them by themselves, I'd probably add a third coat (a pet peeve of mine but the colors are pretty enough that I wouldn't mind TOO much). 

The toppers were a bit more hit and miss for me. I'm not really a big fan of bar glitters so I wasn't thrilled with Fierce Fiesta but that's just a matter of personal preference. I find shaped glitters in general kind of challenging to apply, particularly the large chunky pieces.  I think my favorite of the glitters was Color Tag simply because it is chock-full of smaller pieces making the application easier and the coverage better.

I think these are fun colors for the summer. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Be sure to check out SinfulColors at their website or on social media for more information.

*The products featured in this post were provided for my honest review and consideration. As always, all opinions are my own.*