Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SinfulColors Holiday 2011 - Wish

I recently received the SinfulColors holiday 2011 collection, Wish, to review for you.  It features five polishes and two nail art polishes.  Here they are, for your viewing pleasure.
The colors, from thumb to pinky, are Sugar Sugar, Last Chance, Midnight Blue, Daddy's Girl and Out of This World.

Here they are again, with their corresponding bottles, indoors, with flash.

I must begin by saying that I already had several of these colors in my polish stash.  I'm guessing that they are being re-marketed for the holidays as they certainly work together as a jewel-toned collection.  I found them quite easy to work with.  Sugar Sugar and Midnight Blue I would characterize as deeply pigmented and completely opaque in two coats with just a hint of shimmer.  Last Chance was equally pigmented and opaque in two coats but is a true cream.  Daddy's Girl has a bit of sparkle and seems more of a jelly finish to me, far more sheer than the three previously mentioned.  Out of This World is also more sheer and kind of a pearly silver, if that makes sense.  I liked this one very much and I think it would be nice as a layering polish as well. 

These are the two nail art colors, Fashionista (silver) and Flower Girl (gold), striped over Sugar Sugar.

The nail art colors, once again, with their corresponding bottles.

I've got to say, I am not skilled at nail art in any way, shape or form.  I don't even attempt it often, due to my lack of skill.  However, even in my challenged state, I found these two nail art polishes SOOOO easy to apply.  The long thin brushes gave me a great deal of control and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with how my striping turned out.  To my eye, Fashionista is a true glitter and Flower Girl more a sparkly shimmer and I really enjoyed using them and look forward to attempting more nail art with them in the future.  Definitely a great choice for beginning nail artists!

Now a bit of the business.  The following is an excerpt from SinfulColors' press materials:
"SinfulColors surpasses the masses with more than 150 amazing shades of nail polish including the above-mentioned shades.  All hues are available for $1.99 at major drug and mass-market stores nationwide, by calling 1-800-448-0763 or online at"

What do you think?  Which shades are your favorites?  Your thoughts are always welcomed!


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