Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dr.'s REMEDY Jolly and Joy Collection 2011

Hello, my lovely kittens!  Here is my complete review of the *Dr.'s REMEDY Jolly and Joy Collection.  It features five shades, REVIVE Ruby Red, PASSION Purple, ESSENTIAL Emerald, RESOLUTION Red Glitter and SERENE Silver Glitter.  Pictures are below:
The collection, in the bottles.

Above is two coats of each color, indoors, with flash.

Here they are outdoors.

First up, on my thumb, is REVIVE Ruby Red.  It is a deep red with a bit of shimmer.  I think it's a perfect shade for the holidays if you're not necessarily a fan of "Santa" candy apple red, which, generally, I'm not.  This is a winner, for sure.  Next up, on my index finger, is PASSION Purple.  To me, this color reads far more plum than true purple but I really like it.  It dried almost borderline matte which was kind of a nice surprise.  It can easily be "shined up" with a top coat but the finish makes it quite versatile.  On my middle finger you will find ESSENTIAL Emerald.  This one had a bit of a silvery shimmer and again, it wasn't a "traditional" Christmas green.  I really love this color!  Of course, I'm partial to greens and blues as a general rule but I found this one to be quite unique and I know I'll wear it often.  Next, on my ring finger, is RESOLUTION Red Glitter.  This, along with the pinky finger color, SERENE Silver Glitter, was difficult to capture on camera.  They are both chock full of sparkle and as I mentioned in a previous post, SERENE Silver Glitter, in particular, is a stand-out color.  I don't generally wear glitters alone, unless they are highly pigmented jellies, but these two definitely work for that purpose.  Of course, they would also be fabulous as layering colors, I'm sure.  Though they, like most glitters, are challenging to remove, they are worth the effort. 

Overall, I was quite pleased with this collection.  My favorites are probably ESSENTIAL Emerald and the two glitters, but that's just a matter of my personal taste.  Each of the five was great quality and easy to apply.    You may head on over to: to browse through all of the awesome colors offered.  As always, this blog is nothing without all of Y-O-U and I'd love to hear your thoughts.    

*Disclosure: Where indicated by an asterisk, the product(s) in this post were provided to me by the company for review. Please click my disclosure tab for further information.


HollyG222 said...

Nice, smart way of doing the swatches lol

LuvMyLacquer said...

these are pretty! the green one & the red glitter are my favs =)

Kari said...

Thanks, ladies! :)