Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day...Go Green, Baby

Well hello, dear readers. Feast your eyes on the various stages of my current mani. Stage one starred the lovely Zoya Suvi and Zoya Akyra.

Being the skittle mani lover that I am, I decided to alternate the two colors. Suvi is on my index finger and ring finger (2 coats) and Akyra is on the middle and pinky (also two coats). I hope you can tell from the pic that Suvi is more of a deep emerald green while Akyra is more a teal. They are both shimmery and quite lovely, I think. However, after a day, I decided that I wanted to jazz things up a bit, which leads to stage two:

This shot is of my other hand (sorry about that. I'm also sorry about the hair in the shot. Between myself and my two cats, one of us is shedding on an almost constant basis.) I typically shoot pics of my left hand with my right (dominant) hand while in the midst of my manis because I'm impatient like that, hee hee. However, the first picture was of my right hand because I had already added the glitter to my left when I realized that I had forgotten to shoot the non-glittered mani. But I digress. Back on track, the second pic features Suvi topped with one coat of Zoya Ivanka (pinky and middle finger) and Akyra topped with one coat of Zoya Charla (ring finger and index finger). What I've learned is that while I still love shimmers, I'm a sucker for a good Zoya glitter. With all the colors I have to choose from, those are the ones I find myself reaching for most often. I ordered seven new Zoyas in their Earth Day polish exchange (which should be here on Monday, yay) and three of them are glitters. The other four are creams, which, to date, I only have one of in Zoya (Shawn). I'll definitely post some pics and swatches when they arrive (or sometime thereafter. You all know I'm not the best at posting regularly.)

I would LOVE to say that I chose all of these colors with the express purpose of being "green" for Earth Day but I have to be honest, that was just a happy coinci I've had a lot on my mind lately so I sort of forgot that today was Earth Day (bad Kari). Regardless, I hope that all of YOU did something green and wonderful for the planet today. I do try to contribute in a small way every day but I know that I can do more and I will make a concerted effort to do so.

An interesting aside (well, to me anyway). I spent yesterday with a friend and her nephew at Universal Studios and she remarked to her nephew "Look! Kari has Hulk nails." I found that quite amusing. ;)

P.S. My friend Destany is itching to start her 50 follower giveaway but she needs some more followers to reach her goal. Please check out her blog and follow, should you be so inclined. :)

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