Sunday, January 25, 2015

Paul Frank Scented Polish

Hello, loves!  Yes, t'is true, I managed to satisfy two of my loves, nail polish and Paul Frank with an awesome trio of polishes I recently purchased from the Paul Frank Pop-Up Shop in NYC.  Take a peek!
From left to right, two coats each of Apple, Lemon and Berry

As you can probably tell from the pic (click image to make it larger), these polishes gave me mixed results.  The Apple gave me amazing coverage in two coats and I probably could have gotten away with just one.  Lemon and Berry, not so much. They were a bit streaky.  And as far as the scented aspect of these polishes, I got a TINY hint of the scents once dry but I was hoping for a bit more *POW*.  Considering that I only paid $4.00 for the set of three, they were well-worth my money, if for nothing more than the fact that they are a great Paul Frank collectible for my collection. (Redundant much, Kari?)  Apple is, without question, the winner for me.  

Oh, I should probably mention that these were made for Paul Frank by Lotta Luv.  I adore Lotta Luv lip balms (my other obsession.  Someday soon, we'll get into Kari's lip balm love) so it was fun to try another product of theirs.  

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