Friday, January 23, 2015

My First Juleps!

Hi, friends! For Christmas, my dear friend was kind enough to send me my very first Julep polishes as part of an incredible Christmas gift. Of course, I wanted to share them with you! Feast your eyes.
From left to right, two coats each of Valerie, Shoshanna and Chantel

I had heard a lot of mixed reviews about Julep polishes. They seem to be a love/hate kinda brand. Well, let me tell you, I LOVED these.  The formulas were great, the coverage fabulous.  Valerie, most of all, has my heart.  I absolutely adore her!  (And yes, when polishes are given female names, I tend to refer to them with female pronouns.  I can't help it!)

Have you tried any Julep polishes?  If so, which would you recommend?

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