Monday, January 26, 2015

FingerPaints Endless Wear Long Wear Color


Today I'd like to share a new FingerPaints Endless Wear Long Wear Color. This shade it called Been There, Scene It. Feast your eyes!
Been There, Scene It (two coats)

You can probably guess from the pic where I'm going with this. The color is FABULOUS! The blue with shimmer, LOVE. However, I am seriously bummed by the opacity. It is super-patchy after two coats. I know, I could add a third coat and for future use, I will, but I tend to be the type of girl that doesn't go past two coats on polish (not counting any top or base, of course) so I tend to shoot my pics of two coats only. I wish this formula had been better but again, the color is a winner.  

Be on the lookout for this collection at Sally Beauty Supply.

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