Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Seche - Buttoned Up and China Glaze - Sand Dolla Make Me Holla

See, look at me, getting back on track with posting.  Excuse me while I revel... (Woo hoo!)

Okay, all done.  Today I'd like to share a new polish from Seche called Buttoned Up and a new China Glaze called Sand Dolla Make Me Holla (not sure whether I should laugh or cry over that name).  Here come the pics!

This is two coats of Buttoned Up

This pretty periwinkle shade is so pretty with a hint of blue shimmer that, sadly, reads a lot more in the bottle than on the nail.  I had to angle my nails "just so" under certain lights to see the shimmer and it was really subtle.  I WISH it was more present on the nail.  However, even as a cream, which is how it appears to me under most light, it's a really pretty shade and applied easily.  

Added a coat of Sand Dolla Make Me Holla on my ring finger as a topper

As you might expect by the name, Sand Dolla has a sandy texture.  It has multi-colored sparkles and appears to have almost a sheer cream-colored base in the bottle.  I expected it to alter the base color fairly significantly but it dries almost clear, only changing the base color is a subtle way.  That was a plus for me.  I wouldn't use it as anything but a topper as I don't anticipate it building too well on its own.  I do like how the different colored sparkles almost twinkle when I move my finger.

The polishes used in this post were provided to me for my honest review and consideration.

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