Thursday, April 4, 2013

China Glaze - Selections From Hologlam

Today, I'd like to share three shades from China Glaze's 2013 Hologlam Collection.  They are *OMG A UFO, *ASTRO-HOT and *DONT BE A LUNA-TIC (and yes, the lack of apostrophe in DONT drives me batty but I typed them as they appeared on the labels).  Here's a pic!
I used two coats of each polish in the pic above.  They are, from left to right, DONT BE A LUNA-TIC, ASTRO-HOT and OMG A UFO.

DONT BE A LUNA-TIC, which appears slightly more turquoise than sky blue in the bottle, actually appears pretty sky blue on the nail.  Let me make one thing clear, I ADORE sky blue.  It is my absolute favorite color in life.  However, I've got to say, this one disappointed me, just a little. I expected to be slammed in the face by the holo in direct sunlight.  As you can see in my pic, the holo was there, just not as *POW* as I had hoped it would be.  Actually, the same holds true for the other two polishes.  ASTRO-HOT, sort of a magenta blue, is gorgeous.  OMG A UFO, an almost army green, is beautiful, as well.  Heck, they are all lovely colors.  However, I had hoped for a lot more bang with regard to the holo.  It's there, just not as strongly as I was wishing for.  Now, keep in mind, this pic was taken in New York on a chilly spring day.  In the heat of summer, under some slamming sunlight, the holo might show up better (here's hoping).  Regardless, I am really pleased with these colors and definitely think they are worth a try.

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