Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: The Balm - Petunia and Confetti - All That Glitters

Hi ho, kittens! Today I'd like to present The Balm's Hot Ticket polish in Petunia and Confetti's All That Glitters. I recently received Petunia as a gift from a friend. I had never heard of The Balm or their Hot Ticket line of polishes so I was intrigued, not to mention that this neon pinky-orangey color was not one I typically would have chosen for myself. The next day, I found myself with $2.00 in CVS Extra Care Bucks waiting for me in my e-mail so, of course, I immediately printed them out and was off to the races. (I am still, mostly, in "no buy" mode but if I'm buying on someone else's, in this case, CVS's, dime, I am ALL over it!) I chose Confetti's All That Glitters, a really pretty sheer pink holo glitter topcoat. It retails for $1.99 and this particular CVS did not charge me sales tax, as some do, so SCORE...FREE!
The bottles

Base coat of Avon Nail Expert Nutri-Boost Nutri-Plus and two coats of Petunia

Same as above topped with one coat of All That Glitters, shot outside, where holos look best

I found Petunia to a little bit thick, at times, but overall, pretty easy to apply. I really liked it a lot after two coats. It was opaque and dried relatively quickly, considering that it was a little on the thick side. I did NOT expect to like this color as much as I did but I was really pleasantly surprised. Polishes that are even remotely orange generally do not look good on me but this one had enough pink in it to be really flattering on my cool skin tone. My husband really liked it, too!

All That Glitters applied REALLY well and provided an excellent amount of glitter. It is definitely not one of those holo glitters where you feel you need two coats because the glitter is sparse. It also dried really smoothly, which was surprising, considering the amount of glitter in it. LOVE that! I am not a fan of gritty polish and this one wasn't at all gritty.

So, yeah, a winning combination, I think. As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


LuvMyLacquer said...

I knew The Balm made makeup products but didn't know they had a polish line, too! How cool! I really love this shade on you. It's really pretty with the glitter top coat (which I have & love, too, by the way). Nice combo hun =]

Kari said...

Thanks, honey bunny! I don't even know where my friend got this, though I've learned, through research, that they are sometimes found at TJ Maxx and I know she likes to shop there. As for the top coat, it is a rock star, isn't it? xo