Sunday, July 10, 2011

SpaRitual In Pink Collection

Please meet the lovely ladies of the *SpaRitual In Pink collection for fall 2011. They are *Strength (Diamond Shimmer), *Knowledge (Diamond Glitter) and *Clarity (Diamond Glitter). For my mani, I began with base and added two coats of Strength, as you can see here:
This color is a lovely pink with golden shimmer and is definitely unlike any other polish I own. Not that I wasn't thrilled with this color alone but I was eager to try out the rest of the collection so I added a coat of Knowledge to my thumb, middle finger and pinky and a coat of Clarity to my index and ring fingers, as seen here: Knowledge is a beautiful holo(!) glitter and Clarity is a true pink glitter. Both are stunning. I wouldn't necessarily suggest wearing them alone, though you could, but their bases are clear so I will definitely be using them more as toppers for other colors. (I cannot WAIT to try them over black!) Here is a shot of all the SpaRitual fall collection colors on my nail wheel (the In Pink collection is on the right): Overall, I am not only delighted with the beauty of these colors but I am overjoyed to know that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these colors will be donated to Cancer Schmancer, a charity created by actress Fran Drescher to benefit breast cancer causes. Breast cancer is a cause close to my heart as several of my family members have been affected by it. I take part in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, run by the American Cancer Society, every fall and have for over a decade. Knowing that this company supports such a worthy charity makes me love these colors all the more. Please, let me know your thoughts.

*Disclosure: Where indicated by an asterisk, the product(s) in this post were provided to me by the company for review. Please click HERE for further information.


Jeanie said...

I love all the colors. I can't wait to try this polish. Where do I buy it from?

Kari said...

Jeanie, according to their press release, you can find their products at and
You can also go to and they have a salon locator. :)

♥ Claire ♥ said...

That looks so good!

Kari said...

Thank you so much, Claire! They really are fun colors to work with. I am not usually a pink fan but I know I will use these a LOT!

ambern1984 said...

These are beautiful, and not only that but I love the cause! I will have to look them up for sure :)

Kari said...

Awesome, Amber. I think you will really be pleased with them. :)