Friday, July 1, 2011

Polish No-Buys are Really Hard

Just wanted to share with you all that today marks exactly two weeks since I last bought nail polish. As of today, my stash numbers 227 (not counting base/top coats) and honestly, I am having a blast with all of my untrieds (polishes that I have never used, to date). It's difficult as buying polish is so much fun and really quite a rush, particularly when things in the rest of my life are not going well but I'm being practical and saving money and trying to combat my tendency to hoard. I will keep you updated as things progress and will, of course, keep showcasing colors from my collection as often as I can. Have you ever attempted a "no-buy" and, if so, how long did it last?


Irishenchantment said...

good luck on the no buy, i am on a permanent unofficial "no buy" at the minute lol...just essentials allowed for the time being!

i love your whole blog layout especially the font you use, so different from others :)

shel xx

Kari said...

Thank you SO much, Shel! That makes me so happy!

Ugh, it's really a challenge but I'm trying sooo hard to stick to it. Good luck to you, too!

thalie said...

I keep telling myself to be on a "no buy" but it's really hard,in the blogging world,especially when you're constantly being exposed to all of the new stuff that is either already out,or about to be released.

Kari said...

It truly is, thalie, and it's getting harder and harder every day. There are just so many wonderful products out there and I want to try them all!

Jenn said...

I've managed about three weeks of no-buy before. It was enforced by lack of $, lol!

By the by, I just tagged you for a couple blog awards <3

Poetic Realist said...

I went on a no-buy that lasted all of 2 weeks. FAIL!