Sunday, June 29, 2014

High on Hope

I picked up a GORGEOUS blue Orly polish with pinkish shimmer at Marshalls the other day and immediately, it had my heart.  But, when I saw it was called High on Hope (hope being my favorite word), I knew it was kismet that had brought us together.  Feast your eyes:
Two coats, shot in my front yard on a beautiful sunny day.

Though this polish was quite thick and a bit tricky to work with, it was well worth the effort.  I adore the dark slightly smoky blue and the pinkish shimmer gives it a great extra "something".  It does appear much closer to navy indoors and in the shade but in both instances, I adore it. 

I purchased this polish with my own money and at the bargain Marshalls price of only $3.99, it was worth every penny.

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