Sunday, June 1, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different...


I am SO super-excited to share a new product I received to review for you guys. It is Lisa Rachel Sulfate Free Conditioner and Cleanser. The particular type I chose is Jojoba and Chamomile for Color Treated Hair as I do get highlights.

First up, here's a product pic:

As always, I'm going to be completely honest, I did not expect to like this product.  I tried something similar once (though I don't quite remember WHEN, see what I did there?)  Suffice it to say, I hated that other product.  It left my hair feeling very greasy and I was really bummed as I had hoped to love it.  Well, let's just say that Lisa Rachel blew my expectations completely apart.  I LOVE this product!!  It is, theoretically, a similar product to that "other" brand.  It does not lather.  However, unlike that other product, this one rinsed to be literally squeaky clean.  It is important to follow the directions carefully.  You do have to spend a little more time with this product than with a typical shampoo and conditioner but the results are well worth it. When I was done, my hair smelled AMAZING and felt perfectly clean.  I kept it wrapped in a towel for about twenty minutes then blew it dry and it felt super soft and seemed much smoother than usual.  I have oily hair so I was really pleasantly surprised.  I also never missed the lather as I discovered that after applying the product it to my wet hair, as directed, and then adding an additional splash of water, again, as directed, it had a very creamy texture that honestly felt wonderful.  

So, overall, I LOVE this product.  Make sure you follow the exact directions on the bottle when using.  If you give it a try, please let me know your thoughts.  I hope you will love it, too!  For more information on the line or to place an order, please click HERE.

The product featured in this post was provided to me for my honest review and consideration.  

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