Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects: Cross My Heart

The folks at Sally Hansen were kind enough to send me some of their new Valentine's Day designed Salon Effects strips to review for you.  I received three patterns in all: *Are You Single?, *How Romantic and *Cross My Heart.  Here are some pics for you:
Are You Single? and How Romantic

Cross My Heart

As you can see, I decided to try Cross My Heart.  I often use "xoxo" as a closing in my letters, e-mails and, as you might have noticed, this blog, so this pattern definitely spoke to me.  This was my second experience with Salon Effects and I found them a little bit easier to apply the second time around, though it was still a bit of a challenge.  The toughest part for me is lining them up exactly right on the nail and trimming the excess, if necessary.  It would probably be advisable to trim the strips before applying them but I've never been one to do things the easy way.  I love this pattern and would definitely wear it again, at any time of the year.  I think it is adorable for Valentine's Day but not SO holiday-oriented that you couldn't wear these year round.  

These strips are part of a Limited Edition collection so be sure to pick yours up asap.  I've seen this collection at both CVS and Walgreens.  They would definitely be a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day or just celebrate YOU!

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HollyG222 said...

Omg I wanted some of these soooo bad but they cost so much......they look pretty on you....nice review.

Kari said...

Thanks so much! I'm really digging them! I hope they will last a while. They say up to 10 days so we shall see. :)

Balacom said...

I like that Sally Hansen Salon Effect

Kari said...

I do, too! Some of their designs definitely appeal to me more than others and this is one of the cutest I've seen to date. :)