Wednesday, November 4, 2015

China Glaze Fall 2015


I know. I suck. I am so behind on my posts and for that, I truly apologize. I'm caught up with swatching and photographing but not with writing. And, somehow, in my blondeness, I managed to "lose" a photo where I swatched five new China Glaze polishes. D'oh! (#bloggerprobs) I'm so sorry, friends. However, I will insert a photo as soon as I either find it or get a chance to re-swatch and re-shoot. In the meantime, I do have seven really pretty new China Glaze polishes to share with you. Feast your eyes!
From thumb to pinky, two coats each of China Glaze Gone Glamping, Sleeping Under the Stars, Pondering, Wood You Wanna and Cabin Fever

From thumb to pinky, two coats each, alternating, of Check Out the Silver Fox and Let's Dew It

I'm pretty psyched to say that of these seven polishes, I believe that three could possibly be one-coaters, namely Sleeping Under the Stars, Wood You Wanna and Check Out the Silver Fox. My favorite of the seven is Wood You Wanna (and c'mon, how can you not LOVE that name).  As you may or may not know, I'm not a big fan of glitters but I was actually very impressed with Let's Dew It. It applied easily and I didn't have to resort to dotting it on. It provided nice even coverage and I know I'll wear it a ton.

The "missing" polishes are Free Bear Hugs, Take a Hike, S'more Fun, My Lodge or Yours and Change Your Altitude. Will try to get a pic posted asap. Again, my apologies for its absence.

*The products used in this post were provided for my honest review and consideration. All opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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