Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hi, I'm Kari and I Like Lip Balm...a Lot.

Hello, friends! This is a post that has been requested several times and I'm finally ready to share it with you. Let me preface this by saying, yes, I have an extraordinary amount of lip balm. With very few exceptions, it was all purchased by me, traded for or gifted to me by friends and family. Will I use it all in my lifetime?  Probably not. Is it a relatively inexpensive thing that I really enjoy collecting? You're darn tootin'! And, therefore, in spite of the Judgey McJudgersons who will find it necessary to comment negatively while collecting their Hummels or Precious Moments or pencil erasers or stickers or toenail clippings or whatever it is that floats their collecting boats, I am now prepared to share with you, in its entirety, my lip balm collection.  Feast your eyes!
This bin contains my Lotta Luv brand lip balms.

 Here are my Chap Stick, Soft Lips, Nivea and other miscellaneous brands as well as "novelty-shaped" lip balms.

This bin contains most of my Lip Smacker lip balms.

More Lip Smackers and a few randoms.

This dish contains my Revos (including one I blinged out with Dollar Tree stickers)

And finally, my eos collection.

Yup. Here it is. My very large lip balm collection. I'm not sure exactly why I love it so much. It's useful, of course. It smells wonderful and, ideally, tastes wonderful, too. But why on earth would someone need 350+? I can't answer that. I know that part of it stems from my childhood. As is the case with most little girls (and some little boys, too), lip balm is the first thing I was allowed to wear on my face related to makeup. To this day, it makes me happy (even though, for the most part, I've lost interest in makeup). It also reminds me of my beloved Grandma Blum, sadly, no longer with us. Rarely did I see that woman without a Bonne Bell Lip Smacker nearby. There was usually one on her kitchen table when we'd share talks over cookies and milk (or, later, tea). The sight, feel, smell and taste of a Lip Smacker in particular takes me right back to those wonderful times. And that is more than worth the small price I pay for them. 

I feel like I am justifying myself when I realize that I really don't have to. Lip balm makes me happy, pure and simple, and that is reason enough to collect. I know that many of you (if not all) will understand. And if not, you feel free to keep on enjoying those toenail clippings behind closed doors. I promise not to judge you.  


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Karen said...

Would you be interested in trading/selling any of your Lip Smackers?