Sunday, October 2, 2011

Freecycle...I *Heart* Thee!

Okay, this is me REALLY excited!  I was recently introduced to the most fabulous, green, pay-it-forward-inducing organization called Freecycle.  In a nutshell, Freecycle is a website that allows folks to help each other by offering items for FREE to members of their community and also allows folks to request items that they want and/or need.  EVERYTHING on Freecycle is, as the name suggests, absolutely FREE.  Amazing concept, right?  Inspired by success stories I'd read about, I decided to put up a listing requesting new and/or used unwanted nail polishes.  The following is what I received from an awesome lady named Beth who was kind enough to respond to my listing:  
As a true hippie at heart, I love that this not only allows folks to recycle unwanted/unused items, but gives said items a whole new life by sharing them with others who will love and appreciate them.  I must admit, I'm a total packrat.  When I get into a mood to purge (which, alas, isn't nearly often enough), I always donate whatever I can to a goodwill of some kind.  However, this concept works for me just as well, perhaps even better, because you are able to help someone fulfill a very specific wish or need and know for sure that your items are going directly to someone who will make good use of them.  I can't wait to start offering my goodies to folks who will enjoy them.  To check out this awesome site, click HERE and see for yourselves how good it feels to have a wish granted or help someone else in your very own neighborhood!
P.S. If you, by any chance, see this post, Beth, I thank you again for making my first Freecycle experience a wonderful one!  


Danielle said...

Cute polishes! Nice older wetnwilds and a couple Este Lauder! I've gotten two batches from Freecycle. I'm going to wait for the third one on Thursday before I post. Glad you had good luck too!

Shally said...

I used to be on a freecycle list before I moved. I should look up on for where I am now. Great find.

Kari said...

Thanks, ladies! As I said, Danielle, you are the one who inspired me to give this a shot. I'm so glad I did and I will definitely take part again in the future. I still have my listing posted so we'll see if anyone else replies. Even if they don't, Beth spoiled me, lol. I hope you get some more great stuff!

Shally, you definitely should. I wish you lots of luck with it!

Beth's reality said...

It was pretty cool to "meet" you through Freecycle. I love using it and check it everyday!
It would be nice to actually meet you sometime. I will follow your blog and keep up on the Nail polish follies....I might have more stuff that I find....he he he!

Kari said...

That would be awesome! We'll definitely have to do that sometime. Thanks for following, yay! ;)