Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not a Happy Blogger

I know that blogger has been hiccuping for the past few days, grrr, but I'm REALLY not happy that one of my blog posts went *poof* and still has yet to return. It was a rather long one, all about how a fellow blogger and her generosity helped me get started experimenting in making frankens. It even had pics of the wonderful goodies she sent me, out of the kindness of her heart, and swatches of my first creations. I honestly don't have the inclination to try to reconstruct that post but, suffice it to say, I am SUPER grateful to this wonderful, humble lady and I'm having a blast making frankens. I sincerely HOPE that blogger decides to take the stick out and replace my blog entry but, if not, please know that I will keep you updated on my frankenventures as they happen and that I am, once again, impressed and touched by the thoughtfulness and kindness shown to me on my little adventures in polish. Who knew that polishing my nails would lead to so many great new friendships and so much fun? So, I guess I'm unhappy with blogger but I'm not an altogether unhappy blogger after all.


Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

No worries. Blogger ate all the changes I made to my new blog AND all 13 comments on my first post. Suffice it to say I was extremely pissed off most of yesterday. However, we just keep moving forward, yes? Yes! lol have a great weekend.

Kari said...

Thanks, sweet pea. Yeah, I must keep these things in perspective, right? 'Sides, you saw what I wrote and that's what counts. ;) Hugs!